I’ve been super busy lately. I’ve had a lot of work and as a professional writer, sometimes I just get so tired of writing, I don’t want to write anymore! I know a few of you know what I mean, right?

On that note, I’ve been tasting a lot of wine lately and I wanted to share this new release with you from one of my favorite wineries – Corner 103.

Corner 103 is named after its location in downtown Sonoma – it’s about four blocks from my house! (Courtesy photo)

Corner 103: The Merger of Wine & Food

I fell in love with Corner 103 after it first opened in 2015. The brand was started by Lloyd Davis, who worked in finance for decades before venturing out to purchase another Sonoma winery, Viansa. Upon purchasing Viansa, he saved it from bankruptcy and made it into a multi-million dollar brand.

He began losing interest in Viansa and decided to risk everything to start his own brand. He sold Viansa and found a building, on a corner, in downtown Sonoma (where I live). The address was 103 Napa St., and Lloyd decided to name the brand after the space – Corner 103.

Lloyd’s vision was to create great wines from the finest vineyards in Sonoma County and to create what he calls “very approachable wines that reflect the true quality of Sonoma County.”

The Sonoma Cheese Experience pairs six local cheeses with seven Corner 103 wines. (Courtesy photo)

He also wanted to offer guests more than just wine, so he created a unique experience at the tasting room, where Lloyd and his staff educate guests on wine making processes, different types of wine, how to taste wine, and how to pair wine with food.

The modern tasting room hosts only 10 guests at a time, by appointment only, making for an intimate experience. He offers two types of pairings: a “Sonoma Tasting Experience” in which guests enjoy seven wines paired with six small, locally sourced food pairings. The second, the “Sonoma Cheese Experience,” pairs cheeses made just a few blocks away (seriously!) with seven wines. I’ve done both and it’s a really amazing experience! I’ll share it with you soon.

It’s extremely educational – you learn about why wine is served in certain glasses, how to pair wines with your favorite meals, and you really learn to develop your palate. It’s about 1.5 hours along and at only $40 it’s one of the best deals around for food and wine pairings!

The vineyard is located in the Sonoma Coast winegrowing region, 12.8 miles from the Pacific Ocean. (Image: Google)

The Vineyard

While I don’t know the specific name of the vineyard, I do know the region it’s in, the Sonoma Coast, is a large, yet highly coveted area for wine growing.n

This vineyard, located just outside the small town of Occidental, is a mere 12.8 miles east of the Pacific Ocean.

The Sonoma Coast is one of the best regions in the world to grow pinot noir and chardonnay, as both really like cool, misty nights and mornings and warm days.

One thing I do know about this vineyard, is that it is biodynamically farmed. That means it’s beyond organic. Vineyards must go through rigorous certification. To be biodynamic, farmers must utilize methods that are the least impactful on the environment. It’s also rather “new age. Biodynamic farms utilize the lunar calendar and astrology in their farming methods. No joke. (Read a bit more about it here!)

Take that as you will, but some of the best wine comes from biodynamic vineyards and this chardonnay is no exception.

The Wine

This is a light, bright, young chardonnay with lots of personality.

If you’re afraid of chardonnay due to its often oaky/buttery flavors, you’ll enjoy this wine, which is more old world (meaning more like what a French white Burgundy tastes like) than new world (meaning more buttery like what Rombauer in California put on the map).

It’s fresh on the nose, with honeysuckle and coconut. Upon taste, it’s acidic (meaning your mouth waters) and velvety, with a taste of honey and Golden Delicious apples. It’s really lovely.

While drinkable now, I’d age it for another year or two to see how it matures. I think it’ll really do well with a bit of time in the bottle, which can bring out just a smidge more oak (in a good way!).

It would pair great with oysters, shrimp scampi, Dover sole, or even a simple meal of chicken breast and green beans.

Take action

Corner 103 2016 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay will be released soon and is available directly from the winery – they do not distribute. Learn more about Corner 103 here.


What do you think of chardonnay?

This post was originally posted on Steemit in Feb 2018.